The Writer

Madison Trupp is a wanderer (writer/visual artist). First and foremost, she is a storyteller, and she shares her stories alongside imagery that is intended to evoke certain feelings. All she wants of the world is to read her stories, and to know that someone else has felt these things. Maybe, to tell the story of someone else in another life, or the story of a future, or of something that happens in this very moment – unseen, unheard, unknown except in words.

She strives to produce all her work through her own photography, filmography, costume design, performance art, writing, and general creativity (though collaborations with other artists are very much encouraged and enjoyed). Madison lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but never likes to stay in one place for long and is sometimes seen passing under street lights or between trees on foggy mornings.

Most of her spare time is spent working on stories. She has several novel-length stories that are in development and short stories that show fleeting glimpses of passing lives. Most notable is The APOLLONARIS project.

The APOLLONARIS is a concept: “The want of escape, to be a person or be in a place unknown; to exist elsewhere.”

This feeling manifests itself as a creature, or several creatures, of unstable design. They are identified by their skulls, symbolizing the most internal, most intimate pathos of a faceless person. These emotions: anger, sorrow, and loneliness, among others, are often masked or hidden in society; they bear the stigma of something uncontrollable, unpredictable and unwanted, rendering the person that feels them into a monster in the eyes of the public. But these wretched monsters are nothing to be feared. They are emotions that only want to escape.

The APOLLONARIS seeks to show you how vulnerable, insecure, and afraid these wretched monsters truly are.

If you are looking to contact Madison for any reason, the easiest way to do so would be through the Contact page. You can also send messages to her via her Facebook page or DM her via Twitter. Feel free to follow her on social media:

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