WP&E #2: Bella

Foreboding Darkness
749 Words

Carrot hued eyes seemed to gaze up to the heavens, watching as the colors shifted from the vibrant pigments of dusk into a more deep ebony hue.. soon it would hold the eerie feeling that the darkness felt in this overgrown forest. Vibrant tangerine blended perfectly with darkened magenta as the glorious sun started to complete his fall from the sky, twilight would soon be upon the soldier but it would not hinder her movements. Even in the dead of the night would never scare her, paroling ahead of the band she kept company with were something she found to be mandatory, if not by her then by who? Those orange eyes dropped from the bleeding heavens as she set her mind to focus on the task before her, finding a place for her company and herself to stop for the night.

Rigidly, pale limbs bowed, trying to remove stiffness in her tired frame. A rather sudden shake of her fur and she felt better than she had walking to the very edges of the forest. This setting was more comfortable with the streams of sunlight that liked to pierce the thick branches and greenery, she found the wooded area to be dense and rather familiar like a well worn glove. The band of misfits traveled through this place once before, hauling a shipment of whatever their boss had gave them to a remote pack that could use the materials that she never opened.

Something felt strange though, the darkness closed in on her quicker than she had ever experienced. The bleeding heavens that she had looked at just moments before held a sky that was black and without stars, no moon to show her where she might be headed. A howl erupted in the eerily quiet surroundings, her copper colored eyes searched fro the direction and yet it did not come again. \'Was that Lonnie?\' she wondered but she could not tell for sure, the new recruit was jumpier than the others so it had to be her.

“David?” Aiko called, her eyes searching the darker than usual branches. He was close behind her just moments ago and yet his voice did not answer her, something strange choked the air. It felt.. she did not know how to describe the feeling.. magical? Maybe. It was not something she liked, it did not feel like the magic you would associate a happy fairy tale with.

-Oh Aiko..-

A voice called her, familiar and foreign all at the same time. A figure appeared then, his fur coated in a dark liquid that was hard to make out in such little visual aspect. Her eyes were adjusting just not fast enough, who was that?

-Aiko.. have you ever been scared of the dark?-

The voice came again, he was closer now.

-Oh sweets, don’t tell me you do not recognize me-

He taunted then, his eyes seemed to give off a venomous green glow. “David?” She asked hesitantly, he was the only canine in their band that had that color eyes but they never glowed. His voice sounded distorted as if being spoke over by a much deeper voice, his stark white fur started to stand out against the shadows as if to produce an artificial light. It was then the sharp scent hit her, that metallic smell that only clung to fresh blood.

“You didn’t.” The rust colored woman stated with a tinge of fear and doubt clinging to her vocal cords.

-I didn’t what? Oh.. I know.. you can smell it.. I should have known, you were always such a good little tracker.-

“No.. how.. how could you!” She screamed, her voice echoing as if they were in a canyon ratehr than a forest. She did not ask how this was happening, she did not understand how this tainted magic possessed her once cherished friend and would be lover. Her fangs flashed, she could not help but let a growl escape her lips as he stepped closer and closer.

-Oh, you are going to make this fun. Aren’t you my little Dawn?-

His nickname for her made her snap but his moved quicker, his fangs hit her scruff before she had time to react.

-Oh Dawn. I thought you would be better than that.-

He taunted as her vision began to fade, no, how could it end like this? How could this happen, it was not hear the night before. It was not in this forest.. the night before..

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