The Works

The  APOLLONARIS“The want of escape, to be a person or be in a place unknown; to exist elsewhere.” — a project combining visuals and writing, drawing to light one’s innermost insecurities; the wretched monsters who are sad, afraid, and lonely, who only want to escape. (read more)

Phantosmia (Releasing Soon)

Vagary (Release TBD)

Short Storieswanderings.

The Woods Behind My Parents’ House

Lost Ocean

How To Survive An Apocalypse (Release TBD)

Universenovel-length stories.

Wolfville (Releasing Soon)

Arcblaze (Release TBD)

Articles & Thinkpiecespieces about writing.

Environmental Generation, Map Making & World Building
Another Guide to World Building
Portraying Mental Illnesses in Writing
You Will Find It: On Searches and Revelations