Writing Prompts & Exercises #2: The Discovery [Submissions]

This month’s submissions were incredibly fun to read and write. “The Discovery”, for me, means a sense of novel wonderment and mystery. It brings thoughts of something that rises above the norm as ephemeral and magical, and it’s a great exercise to explore a subject in a new light.

“Foreboding Darkness” by Bella

Carrot hued eyes seemed to gaze up to the heavens, watching as the colors shifted from the vibrant pigments of dusk into a more deep ebony hue.. soon it would hold the eerie feeling that the darkness felt in this overgrown forest. Vibrant tangerine blended perfectly with darkened magenta as the glorious sun started to complete his fall from the sky, twilight would soon be upon the soldier but it would not hinder her movements. Even in the dead of the night would never scare her, paroling ahead of the band she kept company with were something she found to be mandatory, if not by her then by who? Those orange eyes dropped from the bleeding heavens as she set her mind to focus on the task before her, finding a place for her company and herself to stop for the night.

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“Kitsunebi” by CJ

Evening chilled him through to his bones and the samurai cursed under his breath.

Winter was upon them as was evident by the lingering snowfall, which irritated Kagesuto almost as much as the spirit that /insisted/ on bouncing along beside him in her fox-familiar form. It was the most she could muster in her state, anyway; and he wouldn’t let his cursed blade’s inhabitant channel much more power than that. The samurai had no choice when he needed to wield the katana, but otherwise she was wrapped tightly at his side. A grizzled stare was cast her way as she flitted about near his feet. He cursed her silently for being so stubborn. She was powerful enough on her own to summon herself in this ethereal form. Thankfully for Kagesutoraiku, with his bindings on the katana itself, that was about the extent of what she could do with the blade sheathed.

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“The Woods Behind My Parents’ House” by Madison

I will never forget the woods behind my parents’ house.

My parents always told me not to go into the woods alone. They warned me of all the dangers that lurked among the dark branches and the tangling brush, how the roots could ensnare me and trap me where no one could ever find me. They told me how monsters hunted in the night and bad men prowled in the day, waiting for any opportunity to snatch up helpless little girls for themselves. I believed them, every word they said. And for it, I grew apprehensive of the woods, even disdainful for the unknown they harboured just beyond the veil of trees. Their cold silhouettes looming on the distant edge of my backyard had always rattled me with fear.

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What great reads for this month! Check back every couple months for a new WP&E, and click here to read all of our WP&E submissions!

Be sure to come back next Monday for an essay You Will Find it: On Searches and Revelations.

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