Writing Prompts & Exercises #1: The Late-Night Drive [Submissions]

Hello everyone! Submissions from our first WP&E are in, using the prompt “The Late-Night Drive”. I’ll admit I had tons of fun writing this and got a little carried away in length, and I was very excited to read our single other submission!

“Untitled” by CJ

Peaceful quietness enveloped the young man’s small lab as his hands made small movements, working with vials and tinctures that condemned he was up to no good. A wall of strange creatures that ranged from snakes, frogs, and scorpions down to the most minuscule of things like insects made muffled sounds behind their extra barrier of thick glass. Not because he was afraid of them, but because he enjoyed silence. It was the frogs that bothered him the most, usually. He set the vial he was working with aside while moving his left hand up to reset his glasses, and turned in his stool to view the monitor for results.

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“Fichturzzin Day” by Madison

For as long as Arcblaze could remember, Fichturzzin Day – “Fish-Throwing Day” – was his favorite day of the year.

The first time Fray had ever told him about it, he’d laughed. ‘Fichturzzin’ meant ‘to throw fish’ in the native language of the people of Hagdal, which is a colloquial phrase for selling seafood. The reason why it sounds so silly is because the idea of selling and eating seafood itself is outlandish to the Hagdallish; their village is located so deep into the mainland that they didn’t even have a word for ‘fish’ until a wayward merchant with shark jerky showed up one day selling the delicacy for fifty iron a piece. They liked it so much, they ended up buying him out and devouring it with such rapturous pleasure that they demanded he come back with more, but Hagdal was so far off his usual path that he could only make the trip once a year. Thus came the birth of Fichturzzin Day – one day of the year when the merchant, and every fisherman along the coastline, travel to Hagdal to hawk all their maritime wares at the Hagdallish for armfuls of money.

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That’s all we had for this month! Keep your eyes peeled for a new WP&E every month! Click here to read all of our WP&E submissions!

And check in next monday for a post on Portraying Mental Conditions in Writing.

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