Handy and Distracting Resources for the Bored Roleplayer

Let’s all be real for a second. If there’s anything roleplayers love to do besides roleplay, it’s read about roleplaying. There’s just something about other people acknowledging our weird little hobby and knowing that we, and our tight circle of friends, aren’t the only ones that do it – not only that, but seeing the sheer diversity of people that do it. Reading the opinions of people far outside our own online social circles gives us insight to what people who play in different genres think and it makes us truly realize how vast, and common, the hobby actually is. Not only does it allow us to validate our weird little hobby, but it encourages us to empathize with other people regarding certain issues in our respective roleplaying communities. Reading about roleplaying can help expand your knowledge of writing tactics and social approaches to subjects you might not have known how to handle. It’s also a great time waster, and can get the creative juices flowing – especially, and unfortunately, if you aren’t currently in a roleplay.

Bad RPers Suck
We’ll start off with something that all of us can relate to: bad roleplayers. This Livejournal allows submissions from roleplayers to rant about their partners on a semi-anonymous platform; anonymous assuming you don’t use the same alias there as you do where you roleplay, or… that whoever you are ranting about doesn’t read your story and instantly relate to it. It’s a good way to get that one big complaint off your chest without actually bringing the problem to the deviant in question. It’s also a good way to observe how horribly some partnerships can go wrong. Or, maybe you’re just here to get your kicks off a few cringe-worthy horror stories.

Now, maybe you’re looking for that ultimate catalogue of roleplaying sites to peruse through. You have a few genres in mind and you’re in the mood to thumb through a couple pages of advertisements.  Or maybe you own a site and want to paste it up for all to see. RPG-Directory isn’t all about advertising, though. RPG-Directory is a community of roleplayers and are known to host events throughout the year that encourage its members to participate. They’ll also critique your site, give you feedback on interest checks, and help you find the right staff team.

Forum Roleplay
Forum Roleplay is an all-you-need-to-know roleplaying handbook. It comes with useful guides to writing, roleplaying, behavior, etc, as well as a myriad of templates for building your characters and presenting their information. It also serves as a directory for roleplay sites. Basically, it’s everything you need to get started rolled into a neat little website.

Fuck Yeah Roleplay Advice
Here’s another blog with a collection of horror stories, but instead of pasting up your complaints for all to read and enjoy, this blog is staffed by helpful roleplayers that want to see you resolve your issues with your writing partners. If you’ve run into a snag, give them a shout and see what they have to say on the matter. And don’t forget to read some of the stories they have posted, too.

All Things Roleplay
Now, All Things Roleplay is a tumblr blog that exists solely for advertising. They support a limited range of genres and platforms, but what they do advertise, they advertise extensively. There are always people here looking for players to adopt and develop characters, or for feedback on site ideas, or generating hype for upcoming games. Not to mention the graphics used are often very appealing – if you don’t stick around for the sites, maybe you’ll have fun just looking through the art.

Fuck Yeah Character Development
In a similar vein to Fuck Yeah Roleplay Advice, this blog offers helpful insight to writers regarding their characters. If it’s character development, opinions, or just standard advice on how to approach writing a character, they’ll give you a helping hand. They also have quite a few articles regarding character writing, making it a great place to collect character ideas and learn what others might feel towards certain tropes.

Character Chart for Fiction Writers
Finally, if you have a character but feel they lack a certain depth to them, try fleshing them out with this character chart. It asks a list of questions that tackle the character from all angles: physically, mentally, emotionally, and historically. It can help you figure out why your characters are the way they are, and can encourage certain traits to emerge from approaching subjects you may not have even considered before. If this one isn’t to your liking, then there’s a multitude of other character building worksheets out there – you just have to find the right one!

A lot of these are great communities to join if you’re just getting into roleplaying, or are returning to the hobby after having spent a long time away. Or even just to peruse while putting off writing that one post. If any readers know of other interesting roleplaying resources for the Bored Roleplayer, shoot me a message via any of my contact points and I’ll stow it away for next time!

Tune in next week for a post on Environmental Generation, Map Making and World Building.

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